No. 55


I am a full supporter of pairing dresses with pants. I love the layering effect! At first I wore slim black pants underneath this dress, but now, with summer here, I switched it up with some white denim culottes. When I get dressed or plan outfits, I have a general idea and image in my head of what I'm going to put together. This ensemble, however, happened more by trial and error. I picked the dress, and then I went through just about every pair of pants I own until these pieces matched up, and voila. Outfit made.

Sometimes I find that trial-by-error method of dressing useful. Those mornings when I seemingly cannot find anything (satisfactory) to wear? I choose one piece I know I want, and start mixing it and remixing it with other pieces. Sooner or later, something will stick. It's this method that leads me to "rediscover" my closet once in a while, and see some old things in new ways.

COS dress  Zara culottes  Aldo shoes  Fossil bag  Forever 21 sunglasses  Banana Republic bracelet and ring

No. 54



I'm always on the hunt for a good pair of shoes. And I mean always. Flat ones, especially, are my eye-catchers. I have a couple pairs of heels, but I rarely wear them as comfort is one of my cornerstones for dressing. The options in low-heeled shoes are endless, though, and they always add a certain cool, laidback factor. If I am lucky enough to collect these styles soon, I'm sure I'll be able to wear them into the fall as well. And this is just a teaser--when those full A/W collections drop, these Wishful Thinkings will be through the roof.

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No. 53


I'm a big fan of balance. In life, in work, in play... when it comes to my personal style, I employ the same ideal. When I first purchased this blush-pink top, it was one of the first colourful pieces I had purchased in a while, and so a little out of character for me. However, its out-of-the-boxness was also what allowed me to envision it fitting into my wardrobe, especially for the summer. Paired with the pleated skirt (a little more up my usual alley), I had what I considered to be a pretty, feminine outfit. However, I craved adding another element, something athletic or masculine-inspired, just to tip the scales a bit. Hence, the sneakers. 

I'm hugely partial to sneakers (as you may know), and the not-quite-gold-not-quite-silver sheen of this pair was perfect to add. Just like that, a piece that I wouldn't usually wear and a piece that I would was brought together with a usual suspect. Balance.

Zara top  Zara skirt  COS shoes  West Elm bag  Banana Republic ring

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